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Reboot Workshops

Brief Description

This is a pilot program launched in the Spring 2020. Each workshop is centered on a particular topic, as opposed to being course-centered, and the same workshop may be offered more than once throughout the week. The topics will vary each week and will be tailored to different interests and levels.
  • The Reboot Workshops will cover two topics each week and each topic will be taught twice a week at different locations and times.
  • Registration is not required at this point.

Schedule  -  Spring 2020

Locations: Adams Band Hall (ADAM) and  BLOC 113

** NOTE: **
  • Sessions on MON and WED are held at BLOC 113
  • Sessions on TUES and THURS are held at Band Hall.
Topic Mon Tues Wed Thurs
  BLOC 113 (5:30-7:00pm) Band Hall (2:00-3:30pm) BLOC 113 (5:30-7:00pm) Band Hall (2:00-3:30pm)
RW1:   Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and u-Substitution.
Jan. 23

RW2:  Piecewise Functions, Rational Functions, Natural Domains.   Jan. 21 Jan. 22  
RW3: Basics of Vectors in R^2 and R^3 Jan. 27     Jan. 30
RW4: Review of Basic Trigonometry Used in Calculus   Jan. 28 Jan. 29  
RW5:  Introduction to Complex Numbers and Basic Properties Feb. 3     Feb. 6
RW6: Simplifying Rational Functions, Partial Fractions, and Composition of Functions   Feb. 4 Feb. 5  
RW7: Solving non-linear equations (and Lagrange Multipliers) Feb. 10     Feb. 13
RW8: Inverse functions (log, inverse trig functions)   Feb. 11 Feb. 12  
RW9: Solving non-linear equations (and Lagrange Multipliers) Feb. 17     Feb. 20
RW10: Partial Fractions factorization   Feb. 18 Feb. 19  
RW11: Review of Improper Integrals (for Math 308) Feb. 24     Feb. 27
RW12: Introduction to Matrices and Systems of Equations   Feb. 25 Feb. 26  
RW13: Review: Integration by Parts Mar. 02     Mar. 05