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Online Reboot Workshops

Brief Description

This is a pilot program launched in the Spring 2020. Each workshop is centered on a particular topic, as opposed to being course-centered, and the same workshop may be offered more than once throughout the week. The topics will vary each week and will be tailored to different interests and levels.

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, our Help Services are now only offered online.  

Schedule  -  Spring 2020
  • The live sessions of the Reboot Workshops have been cancelled for the rest of the semester.
  • Links to videos about selected topics from the Reboot Workshops will be found in the table below. 
  • We will send announcements about new videos through social media and the front-page news feed in our web site.
Topic Title Author
Multiple Integrals   Robert Rahm
PART 1 Mechanics of Computing Iterated Integrals  
PART 2 Using Double Integrals to Compute Mass and Weight   
PART 3 Applications of Double Integrals to Probability   
PART 4 Changing Order of Integration   
PART 5 Determining the Domain From a Description   
PART 6 Using a Parameter to Compute an Improper Double Integral   
PART 7 Splitting a Domain Into Two Pieces   
PART 8 Fubini's Theorem and Changing Order of Integration   
PART 9 Changing Order of Integration to Make an Integral Easier   
PART 10 Polar Coordinates - I   
PART 11 Polar Coordinates - II  
PART 12 Change of Variables I (Introduction)   
PART 13 Change of Variables II (Transforming Regions)   
PART 14 Change of Variables III (Change of Variables Formula)   
PART 15 Change of Variables IV (An Example)  

Schedule before Spring Break 2020

Topic Mon Tues Wed Thurs
  BLOC 113 (5:30-7:00pm) Band Hall (2:00-3:30pm) BLOC 113 (5:30-7:00pm) Band Hall (2:00-3:30pm)
RW1:   Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and u-Substitution.
Jan. 23

RW2:  Piecewise Functions, Rational Functions, Natural Domains.   Jan. 21 Jan. 22  
RW3: Basics of Vectors in R^2 and R^3 Jan. 27     Jan. 30
RW4: Review of Basic Trigonometry Used in Calculus   Jan. 28 Jan. 29  
RW5:  Introduction to Complex Numbers and Basic Properties Feb. 3     Feb. 6
RW6: Simplifying Rational Functions, Partial Fractions, and Composition of Functions   Feb. 4 Feb. 5  
RW7: Solving non-linear equations (and Lagrange Multipliers) Feb. 10     Feb. 13
RW8: Inverse functions (log, inverse trig functions)   Feb. 11 Feb. 12  
RW9: Solving non-linear equations (and Lagrange Multipliers) Feb. 17     Feb. 20
RW10: Partial Fractions factorization   Feb. 18 Feb. 19  
RW11: Review of Improper Integrals (for Math 308) Feb. 24     Feb. 27
RW12: Introduction to Matrices and Systems of Equations   Feb. 25 Feb. 26  
RW13: Review: Integration by Parts Mar. 02     Mar. 05
RW14:  Review of Parametric Curves   Mar. 03 Mar. 04  
SPRING BREAK Mar. 09 Mar. 10 Mar. 11 Mar. 12
Transition week Transition week Transition week Transition week Transition week