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Tutoring by Appointment

Tutoring by Appointment

In the bullet point area in the main body below, I would also add links to the schedule pages just so it’s easy to navigate if people are reading down in that area.

 but it might be helpful to mention that this “tutoring by appointment” (like all MLC services) do not cost anything or are already covered in their student fees (or however you choose to explain how services are paid for in advance).

  • This is a pilot program starting in the Summer 2020.
  • You can sign-up for a one-to-one 30min long tutoring session with one of the math whizzes in the Math Learning Center. 
  • As with any service at the MLC, this opportunity is offered to TAMU students at no extra-cost!
  • Follow the links below to sign up and enjoy a private session with a tutor.