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Online Week-in-Review

Brief Description

The Week-in-Review  sessions are weekly lectures conducted by faculty members, devoted to a limited number of courses in the Spring 2020. Each session gives a concise overview of the material covered in the corresponding course during the prior week.  The WIRs help you to synthesize and assimilate the material taught in detail during class,  by providing an overview that places the content under the proper perspective. With the use of carefully selected material, instructors illustrate the concepts with meaningful examples and problem solutions. 

Due to the Corona virus outbreak, our Help Services are now only offered online.  


To join an online session:

  1. You need to have a device such as a computer, a tablet (or even a phone) with a microphone (a camera is useful but not necessary).
  2. First make sure that you have the Zoom app. You may download the app and learn more about it at
  3. Find the HELP session you want to attend in the schedule below.
  4. Click the link (or enter the session ID number displayed in the schedule) to join the meeting. 

Once you join the session:

  • By default, your microphone will be initially muted and the camera will be off. You may activate them at the bottom of your Zoom screen.
  • Click the icon "Participants" and the icon "Chat" at the bottom of the Zoom screen. This will allow you to see who is in the meeting and what questions have been asked through the Chat panel. 
  • If you want to ask a question, click the "Raise your hand" button before you speak and:
    • If possible, submit the question (or the Problem number in the textbook) via the Chat room. 
    • If you have a more personalized question, show the printed (or clearly written) problem through the camera to the tutors.
  • When you are not speaking, please be kind to the participants and mute your microphone to avoid excessive noise during the session. 
  • You can leave the session at any point by clicking the button saying 'Leave the Meeting'.

Online WIR Schedule  -  Spring 2020


** Click the link in the schedule (or use the meeting ID number) to join the desired session with the Zoom app.

Course Time Link and ID Leader Sponsor Link
Math 140 TUES 7:00--9:00pm ID: 989 241 766  N. Obatake Dept. of Mathematics Prob. sets
Math 141 WED 6:30pm--8:30pm

ID: 451 908 920

P. Orchard Math Learning Center Prob. sets
Math 142 SUN 2:00--4:00pm ID: 446 390 247  A. Allen Dept. of Mathematics Prob. sets
TUES 6:00--8:00pm

ID: 193 996 562 

J.D. Kim Math Learning Center Prob. sets
Math 151 (171) WED 6:00--8:00pm

ID: 165 208 122

J. Cantu Dept. of Mathematics Prob. sets
Math 152 (172) MON 6:30--8:30pm

ID: 662 870 017 

D. Manuel Math Learning Center Prob. sets
TUES 7:00--9:00pm soon  J. Kahlig Dept. of Mathematics Prob. sets
Math 167 -- -- T. Carter Previous WIR Homepage
Math 251 (221) MON 6:00--8:00pm ID: 604163077  A. Austin Dept. of Mathematics Prob. sets
Math 308 TUES 6:00--8:00pm

ID: 964563148 

M. King Dept. of Mathematics Prob. sets
Stat 201 FRI 8:00--10:00am ID: 257 026 471 I. Hernandez-Magallanes Math Learning Center Prob. sets