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Reboot Workshops

Brief Description

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this program is only being offered exclusively online. Each workshop is centered on a particular topic, as opposed to being course-centered, and the same workshop may be offered more than once throughout the week. The topics will vary each week and will be tailored to different interests and levels.

  • Links to videos about selected topics from the Reboot Workshops are listed in the table below. 
  • We will send announcements about new videos through social media and the front-page news feed in our website.
Topic Title Author
Multiple Integrals   Robert Rahm
PART 1 Mechanics of Computing Iterated Integrals  
PART 2 Using Double Integrals to Compute Mass and Weight   
PART 3 Applications of Double Integrals to Probability   
PART 4 Changing Order of Integration   
PART 5 Determining the Domain From a Description   
PART 6 Using a Parameter to Compute an Improper Double Integral   
PART 7 Splitting a Domain Into Two Pieces   
PART 8 Fubini's Theorem and Changing Order of Integration   
PART 9 Changing Order of Integration to Make an Integral Easier   
PART 10 Polar Coordinates - I   
PART 11 Polar Coordinates - II  
PART 12 Change of Variables I (Introduction)   
PART 13 Change of Variables II (Transforming Regions)   
PART 14 Change of Variables III (Change of Variables Formula)   
PART 15 Change of Variables IV (An Example)